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What You Like Doing Vs. What You Are Great At – How Do You Decide?

Deciding whether you should do what you love, or stick with what you are good at can be a tough choice. Sometimes, the things you currently excel at do not fulfil your inner drive and desire. What is worth considering is whether you should compromise your happiness in pursuit of a successful career, and whether you might be able to find a way of doing both.

You Can Get Better at What You Like Doing

Remember that you can always get better at what you like to do. Just as you developed the skills and attained the working knowledge that it took to get to where you are today, you can also grow more adept at things that you would like to be doing instead.

Taking the time to train yourself by enrolling in classes, or obtaining a degree can help to build your knowledge where it is needed most, in order to improve. Developing the skills associated with what you enjoy doing will help to elevate you from average to exceptional. For most people, the process of becoming great involves nurturing talent and building knowledge to become better. By taking your education to the next level, all kinds of careers will be within your reach.

The Path You Choose is A Serious Choice

Too many people feel forced to pursue certain jobs or particular careers in order to meet the expectations of others, or to simply earn a substantial income. However, those reasons for pursuing a career will not make you as happy as doing what you love. Being trapped in a job you hate for decades until retirement can feel like a prison sentence that robs you of the joy that you could be experiencing.

If you do not want to pursue a career trajectory you may seriously regret later, then it may be time to take action. Whether you have aspirations towards leadership in business, or you are passionate about the arts, you can do it. The possibilities are endless.

A Mentor Can Lead You Forward

At different times in your life, your natural level of capability may change. As you develop experience in an area, your ability to perform well in it can grow. With a mentor’s trained eye, he or she can help you notice your hidden capability to shine brighter in an area you have not yet developed. If the passion is there, you can channel it to improve.

For example, many people dream of owning their own business, but they don’t know how to start. However, a business mentor may have the exact advice you need to turn this dream into a reality. Mentors are helpful no matter what industry, job, or ability you are seeking to develop. This is because many mentors have the leadership skills, network, and influence to help you learn core knowledge and concepts through your time interacting with them.

You Can Design a Strategy That Works For You

Some people resist doing what they love, because it may not be immediately obvious as a viable career option. If you are able to develop a plan that is rooted in reality, you can make sound steps towards doing what you love. Taking the time to put together an actionable plan can get you there. Talking to a vocational counsellor can also help you get started in an entry-level position working in an industry niche that you like most.

You Can Decide Today

The sooner that you make the decision to commit to doing what you love, the sooner you can see your dream manifest. Do not be tempted to give up on what you like to do simply because you are not an expert yet. Today is the day that you make the decision to have the best of both worlds by taking appropriate action.

At the end of the day, plenty of people make satisfying careers out of what they like to do, through personal development and focus. Doing what you love is not just for a select group of people, but it is often reserved for those who have the drive to actually make it happen. You deserve to have a career that you love, and you can do it.

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