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Living Your Best Life

The saying “you only live once,” is not entirely true. The sad fact is some people never live at all. By going to a job that is not fulfilling, you are not living your best life, nor are you really “living”, in the deepest sense. Living and thriving involves completeness. This is why it is vital to embark on an inspiring and meaningful career to see to it that you do really live once. Without feeling motivated, driven, and dedicated, you are selling yourself short, and not living your best life.

Are you living your best life through a career that embodies your goals and values? This might take a moment, or months to answer, but if the response is, “no,” then what do you do?

Part of living an inspired life involves gaining as much knowledge as possible. First, you must get to know yourself on a richer level. Secondly, you must become familiar with all of the resources available to you.

A meaningful way to gain deeper insights into who you are, is to take a personality test (there are many out there, but we use SHL) which can help you to gain a better understanding of what drives you. You can also seek the advice of a career coach, a professional who can assist you in finding a career in which you can achieve your goals.

Whatever you decide, re-examining your career cannot be done without first taking a closer look at yourself. Living your best life involves feeling inspired, and you are more likely to do so by knowing yourself.

Once you have gained an understanding of yourself on a deeper level, you can try to research a list of career options that work for you. Many career assessments will offer a list of relevant careers that could be a good fit. Once you have an idea of the career/direction you want to pursue, you can access all of your resources.

Speaking of resources…

In order to achieve your goals, you need as many tools in your toolbox as possible. If you’d like to talk to a professional executive search consultant about your career, then you can contact me at

However, this process is on-going.

There is not a single quick fix for correcting course in a life that may not be going in the right direction. The process of finding and securing your dream career is ongoing and requires regular reflection. To have success in your dream job, you must also reflect on living your best life. Remember, you only live once, and to truly live, you need to feel fulfilled in your everyday life.


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